GoExpedi | Press Release | Aug. 26, 2019

GoExpedi (www.goexpedi.com), a leading innovator in industrial procurement solutions, has just launched a series of applications using state-of-the-art AI and machine learning. These new applications advance GoExpedi’s innovative procurement platform to now allow predictive ordering, automatic subscription features, and completely error-proof ordering.

The innovative purchase environment GoExpedi has created revolutionizes the process of procuring MRO parts and supplies to run industrial assets like drilling rigs. At the heart of the purchase environment is GoExpedi’s web-based e-commerce application. As customers use the platform, the data continuously flowing through the platform procurement process is captured, stored, analyzed and visualized to give customers unparalleled insights. CEO Tim Neal says, “The innovative purchasing environment we have created is unique in the industry, and offers customers benefits they have never been able to realize prior to now.”

Applying AI and machine learning techniques, GoExpedi taps into this source of continuously flowing data and creates high-value features – features that ensure customers can never order the wrong part, are alerted when a product is running out or wearing out, and predictively order so that a customer never runs out of supplies. Chief Architect and Technical Co-Founder Jonathon Howey says, “The application of modern AI and machine learning techniques has allowed us to develop an unparalleled, intelligent procurement platform. We believe we are at the forefront of what can be done by applying AI and machine learning to the world of procurement.”

GoExpedi provides over 200,000 critical parts and supplies, with complete transparency on price, supplier choice, and availability through their online e-commerce platform. Their innovative supply chain model has created a business that delivers the right part, at the right time, overcoming a fundamental challenge for the industry. Staffed by experts with rig management experience, backed by innovative technology, GoExpedi is able to deliver an incredible service at a lower cost than traditional suppliers.

For more information on GoExpedi visit www.goexpedi.com or email info@goexpedi.com. Contact: Alexandra Fulenwider (713) 725-6866, alex.fulenwider@goexpedi.com