GoExpedi offers a unique value proposition to manufacturers and suppliers.

Unlike traditional distributors that operate by phone and email, GoExpedi uses a proprietary e-commerce platform that gives you unmatched insight into who is buying your products and how frequently your products are being purchased.

We make your products easy to find. With extensive product descriptions and images, we ensure that customers are purchasing the right product, every time. And while product pricing is fully transparent on the GoExpedi platform, only qualified and vetted customers are given access.

The data we collect will give you unique insight that allows you to manage your inventory levels much more accurately, and eliminate the tie-up of unnecessary capital in stale inventory. In fact, because of this unparalleled transparency, many of our manufacturers and suppliers place consignment inventory in our facilities, ensuring rapid availability of their products to end customers.

Contact us at info@goexpedi.com to learn more about working with GoExpedi.