At GoExpedi, we're committed to providing procurement solutions to increase the efficiency of your industrial energy equipment. From our rigorous supplier selection process to our 24/7 support, we take pride in making sure you're in the best hands possible.


Interactive schematics, access to experts and database-powered intuitive product navigation ensure the right parts are ordered.

Real-timeData & Reports

Suggested products, spending reports and custom reports provided to maximize purchase efficiency and provide valuable information.


From product search to order tracking our transparent process alleviates the need for followups.


We represent a broad range of manufacturers

We offer a comprehensive line of over 200,000 products from top drive parts to rope, soap & dope.

We are quality driven

All of our manufacturers are meticulously vetted to ensure you get the quality you deserve.

We are fit for purpose

Whether you're a multi-national energy conglomerate, refinery, drilling contractor, or anything in between we've got parts for you.

You want it, we’ve got it!

over 200,000 parts for 780+ equipment models