Data Driven Business Intelligence

Real-time data visibility eliminates blind spots and improves cost controls, governance, and reporting.

Data and Analytics for Better Decisions

Now you can see the full picture of your industrial purchases with GoExpedi’s AI and machine learning-enabled data and analytics solutions. Eliminate spending blind spots and black holes across your entire organization and gain full transparency into what is being purchased when, where, and by whom.

With full data visibility through custom dashboards and reporting you can drill into the data you need with just a click. Quickly and easily uncover inefficiencies, confirm necessary expenditures are being made, identify spend outliers, improve accountability, and have greater control of your costs. That’s faster, smarter, delivered.

Improve Governance and Cost Controls

Previously unknown spend is now captured, assigned to the individual, and categorized into your custom spend categories. Instantly see products purchased outside your company catalog or AML, set spend parameters for each user, and customize metrics that trigger notifications. With instant visibility to all levels of spending across the organization, you can now verify adherence to corporate governance, maintain better financial controls, and easily track budgets.

Review and Analyze Spend Data

Real-time spend data is instantly accessible in custom dashboards and reports that can be analyzed in any way necessary to meet your needs. Set individual or role-based data access, view enterprise-wide spend, and drill down by geography, project, location, job role, or user. You can also see costs by product category, manufacturer, or individual product over any time period.

Track Order Status and Retrieve Order History

Instantly see the status of any open order and track delivery progress. Quickly confirm order cancellations and review all orders that are being processed, shipped, partially shipped, and delivered. Also, easily search and filter orders by date, location, PO, tracking number, and many other variables to find all related documents associated with any order past or present.

More Accurate Planning and Projections

There are always unknowns in any project, but now you can reduce or eliminate the unknowns using GoExpedi’s data analytics. Use historical data for similar projects, locations, or applications to better estimate future costs, minimize surprises, track leftover inventory, eliminate waste, and improve profitability.

End-to-end digital supply chain & data analytics solutions designed specifically for heavy industry.