Product Configuration Tools

Configure, compare, and order complex products with accuracy using real-time, 3-D, 360° visual validation tools.

Configure Complex Products Before Purchasing

Ordering complex or technical products with dozens of feature combinations can often be confusing, time-consuming, and inaccurate. GoExpedi offers product configurators to eliminate these issues.

Tools like our Valve Configurator and Mud Pump Configurator provide real-time, 3-D, 360° visual validation as you update specifications to your products. This intuitive interface makes feature selection fast and easy which ensures product accuracy, reduces returns and delays, and reduces order time from days to minutes.

Once your ideal product is configured you can easily compare all available options based on price, brand, and lead time, review specifications, and instantly procure all from a single interface. Additionally, you can save configured products and share them with coworkers across the organization.

If needed, custom product configuration tools can also be created to help your organization order other complex or technical products.

Reduce Order Time from Days to Minutes

Complex industrial product orders typically require days or weeks to review specifications, request quotes, and place orders. Now you can quickly and easily configure the right products with visual confirmation, compare prices, brands, and delivery timing for matching products, and quickly place approved orders with just a few clicks.

Visual Confirmation for Order Accuracy

With instant 3-D, 360° visual validation you know with certainty which features you are selecting and where they are located within the complex product you are building. Roll the mouse over the specifications list or the exploded or cutaway 3-D product image to see the corresponding information and options. Your product image will change with every feature selection to ensure you get the right product configuration for your order.

Compare, Save, and Share Configurations

Once completed you can easily compare all available brands, pricing, and delivery timing options that meet your specifications. Save each unique product configuration you create by project, location, application, or any other convention for easy reference on future orders or to begin a new configuration. Each saved product can be easily shared with your team members for accurate engineering, planning, budgeting, or additional ordering.

Custom Configurator Tools Available

Could your team use more streamlined and more accurate ordering for other complex equipment? GoExpedi can build and integrate custom product configurators for any product in any industry in as little as six weeks.

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