Manufacturers & Suppliers

Our rapidly growing industrial marketplace delivers real-time sales data and control of your product marketing.

Technology Path to Industrial Markets

The migration is happening now. Industrial consumers are adopting new technologies that integrate with their ordering, inventory, and payment systems. GoExpedi has developed a rapidly growing online marketplace for industrial tools and supplies because clients see the value of the platform’s efficiencies and cost controls.

As a manufacturer or supplier not only does GoExpedi provide you with access to a rapidly expanding customer base, but it also liberates valuable and previously inaccessible real-time data about where, when, and to whom your products are being sold.

Real Time Sales Data

With GoExpedi’s artificial intelligence and machine learning-enabled ecosystem, you can be empowered to better forecast demand, future-proof inventory placement, and refocus your sales and marketing efforts where they will make the most impact.

Your sales channel should be more than just a distributor. With GoExpedi, you join the industrial tech migration to leverage new opportunities, control your sales message, differentiate your products, and improve business intelligence. That’s faster, smarter, delivered.


“To be able to dig into the data will help everyone from purchasing to sales to the C-suite… It saves us from having to dive into the data personally and figure out what’s relevant and what’s not.”

– Leading Global Filter Manufacturer


“Your vendor platform offering is fantastic… way ahead of everybody else.”

Leading U.S. Industrial Wholesaler

Real-Time Sales Data Transparency

No more waiting for quarterly or annual reports from your distributors. GoExpedi unlocks real-time sales data with a click so you can make better business decisions. Understand how your products are selling by customer type, product type, and geography. See what products are being returned, and receive end-user feedback. With business intelligence from GoExpedi you will have improved forecasting and operational efficiencies as well as insights to better focus your product development, inventory strategy, and sales efforts.

Rapidly Growing Sales Channel

Industrial tech adoption is accelerating and GoExpedi is a rapidly scaling digital marketplace. Publicly traded, Fortune 50, and industry-leading companies are managing their approved product catalogs in our ecosystem with monthly spend per customer scaling exponentially. Ensure that your products remain visible and available to the markets you serve as the market evolves its procurement systems.

Control Your Product Messaging & Descriptions

End-users find, research, and order products in the GoExpedi ecosystem and you control what images, descriptions, and documentation they see. Update product photos, add new SDS, CoC, or other support documents, and update product features and specifications as they change. Ensure the latest and most effective messages that promote your products and drive sales are always visible to buyers.

Custom Product Configuration Tools for Complex Products

Industrial buyers purchase many complex products with dozens or hundreds of feature configurations. Lack of feature understanding can cause confusion during the ordering process, resulting in inaccurate orders and returned product. GoExpedi creates custom 3D configuration tools for complex product categories. This intuitive interface makes feature selection simple and fast which ensures product accuracy, minimizes returns and delays, and reduces order time from days to minutes.

End-to-end digital supply chain & data analytics solutions designed specifically for heavy industry.