Supply Chain & Management

Real-time data visibility and custom workflows for greater efficiency, cost control, and governance.

Supply Chain Visibility & Governance

Real-time visibility, control, and governance of operational spend are now available to supply chain professionals and management in heavy industries.

With the visibility of GoExpedi’s digital supply chain management ecosystem, you are now empowered with data that deliver better cost control and governance along with more efficient procurement processes.

Your custom-built platform hierarchy and dynamic, real-time data reporting are tailored to your organizational reporting structure and business processes. Simplify procurement and mitigate hidden costs to improve your expense management, make better business decisions and drive profitability. That’s faster, smarter, delivered.

Real-Time Data & Analytics

Knowing with certainty your entire organization’s industrial supply spend per location, per product category, and per manufacturer in real-time at any time is now a reality. Drill down into specific users or projects and roll-up data by vendor, by region, or across the entire enterprise. Create custom, dynamic KPIs and dashboards to analyze your data and to improve your expense management and decision-making.

Drill-Down & Roll-Up Data

Break down your total spend by product category, by vendor, by location, by region, or by project across any time interval. See your data the way you need it most.

Easily Export Data

Easily export your custom reports and data into usable file types for any purpose.

Simple API Integration Available

Though not required, easily integrate GoExpedi into your legacy ERP or other technology platforms to add previously unseen data.

Improved Cost Control & Governance

GoExpedi understands the importance of balancing cost control with efficient operations as well as the ever-increasing spotlight on corporate governance. Now management and supply chain professionals in heavy industries have tools that help them clearly see all their industrial supply spend, ensure purchases are efficiently approved and reconciled in-line with their corporate guidelines, and make better business decisions.

Custom Workflows & Procurement Efficiencies

Custom workflows and platform hierarchy match your organization to streamline approval, reconciliation, and payment processes.

Approved Digital Catalogs

Digital catalogs aligned with AMLs and customized with approved products designated for each function, location, region, or project. Minimize cost overruns as well as rogue & unmanaged spend.

Documentation & Traceability

Ensure proper documentation. All purchase orders, invoices, proof of delivery, payment terms, and manufacturer and safety documents are stored and accessible.

Easily Budget Future Spend

Quickly see true costs by functional area, location, or project to improve future budgeting and forecasting.

End-to-End Supply Chain Partner

See how GoExpedi is changing the operational supply chain for heavy industries to be smarter, faster, and more transparent. By partnering with our clients, we help control and streamline the entire process. From easy ordering and strategically located fulfillment centers to our own fleet of delivery vehicles and full data visibility, no broker or distributor can match GoExpedi.

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End-to-end digital supply chain & data analytics solutions designed specifically for heavy industry.