Logistics & Last-Mile Delivery Plus Support

In-house fulfillment & delivery plus Client Success teams mean deliveries average only 2.5 days.

Fulfillment & Delivery with the Support You Need

Online orders still need to be physically consolidated and delivered quickly, accurately, and safely. So when we say GoExpedi offers end-to-end supply chain solutions to heavy industries, that means that we not only make ordering easier but we also fulfill those orders and deliver them directly to your location.

Have questions, can’t locate a hard-to-find product, need extra support? No problem — every client is assigned a responsive and knowledgable Client Success team to ensure smooth and timely deliveries. All this adds up to 99.9% order accuracy and an average delivery time 2.5 days for catalog orders. That’s faster, smarter, delivered.

Strategically Located Fulfillment Network

With more data, predictive analytics, and better coordination with manufacturers, GoExpedi’s digital ecosystem ensures the right inventory is available when and where it is needed. Our strategically located fulfillment network and integration with manufacturers and suppliers ensure that inventory levels are optimized and delivery times are minimized. This allows us to safely reduce the number of costly brick & mortar facilities.

Last-Mile Delivery Vehicles and Personnel

GoExpedi is responsible for the entire process, and until that order is in your hands our job is not complete. That’s why we use our own fleet of vehicles and employ in-house drivers to quickly deliver orders the last mile right to your location. We’ll work with your operations to coordinate optimal delivery windows and driver & vehicle safety protocols.

Client Success Teams

Digital solutions add efficiencies, data visibility, and documentation, but sometimes you need an industry expert with deep product knowledge to find an uncommon item, provide guidance, or simply answer questions. That’s why GoExpedi hires industry-specific experts in sales, procurement, and support to add a layer of personal service to our digital solutions. You’re never more than a call or a click away from extra support from your Client Success team.

End-to-end digital supply chain & data analytics solutions designed specifically for heavy industry.