Digital Onsite Inventory Management

Add efficiencies, real-time inventory accuracy, and personal accountability to your tool & supply rooms.

Digitally Manage Your Onsite Inventory

Managing industrial inventory at a facility, on a project site in the field, or across a portfolio of locations can be difficult, expensive, and inaccurate. GoExpedi’s Onsite Inventory Management solution expands our digital ecosystem to your tool rooms and storage containers to improve accuracy and provide the business insights you need to operate efficiently. Now all tool and supply inventory is automatically and accurately counted in real-time, accountability of products is assigned to those who use them, and expensive onsite inventory personnel are no longer required. That’s faster, smarter, delivered.

Real-Time Inventory Transparency

As inventory enters and leaves your storage area it is digitally scanned and automatically added or removed from your inventory counts. Personnel are also digitally time-stamped upon entry and exit along with the products they bring in and remove. This means inventory counts for all products are accurate and updated in real-time so you know what you have on-hand in every location.

Eliminate Onsite Personnel & Manual Inventory Counts

With digital inventory tracking in your storage areas you no longer need to employ or outsource expensive personnel to maintain supply room inventory. If limited access is required, custom solutions for granting access can be implemented. Eliminating time-consuming and manual inventory counts means your employees can focus on productive tasks while inventory accuracy improves and costs are reduced.  

Enhance Controls & Governance, Minimize Loss

Knowing when inventory enters and leaves and which employees are responsible for specific items delivers much greater inventory control and improved governance across your organization. Digital tracking also minimizes lost and misappropriated inventory. Additionally, tracking this data provides true time-of-use for better inventory planning and provides a more accurate count of remaining inventory once a project is completed or a location is closed.

Automate Inventory Notifications

Tracking inventory data so closely and accurately provides an opportunity to be instantly notified when pre-defined triggers occur. With preset minimum inventory counts and re-order points, you and GoExpedi will be notified to rapidly replenish inventory. If inventory leaves your storage area without an employee, notifications can be sent to local personnel. And if certain items are designated to certain employee roles, that can be monitored as well.

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