RELEASE: GoExpedi, an industry-disrupting e-commerce company that has reinvented procurement for industrial and energy assets, has announced the opening of their new distribution center in Bakersfield, California. On the heels of raising $25 million is Series B Funding, GoExpedi continues the next phase of their transcontinental expansion. Their new location will serve clients in the San Joaquin and Los Angeles Basins. The new location is also fundamental to GoExpedi’s industry diversification as they move into the mining sector.

Commenting on the company’s push westward, CEO, Tim Neal states, “This location is pivotal to properly serving our clients and continuing to disrupt this industry. It is just one more step in our rapid North American expansion. As always, our commitment is to provide clients with strategic procurement solutions to increase the efficiency of their industrial and energy asset operations.  This new distribution center brings us closer to this goal. 2020 is going to be an exciting year for us — both here in North America, and as we look to expand abroad. “

GoExpedi is a leading innovator in industrial procurement solutions, providing over 200,000 critical parts and supplies to customers through their eCommerce platform. Their state-of-the-art supply chain model backed by innovative technology has allowed the business to provide procurement solutions and incredible service at a lower cost than traditional suppliers.